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EMK The update to version 4.0 comes up with an error and cannot be installed. No reply to several emails sent to them. Very poor customer services.

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Matthew Bern I have the same problem, after re-installing. Have you found a solution?

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Sundaram Not a very good program. Go search for some alternative.

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Max Andrews

Max Andrews When I buy a software package I always backup my activation code/license number and executable, but it was pointless with iFinger. The software installs by connecting to their webserver, and then downloading the package that you purchased. Unfortunately, if they decide to upgrade the search engine, you lose the possibility to reinstall the product you previously purchased!!! I consider this a ripoff, since I can't reinstall 4 dictionaries, for which I paid at least 30 USD each, because their license is bound to a search engine which cannot connect to the iFinger webserver. SO if you change computer, and they change version of the search engine, you lose the software... (so I lost over 120 USD) Morever, if you have a product which is still available, but the version is too old, you can't upgrade. I complained to the company and I got this answer:

"iFinger is not offering a subscription model.

The customer must ensure proper storage and back up of it?s own data.

iFinger does not offer support for events outside iFinger?s control. Events causing loss of data is not a support issue, i.e. iFinger does not provide links or keys to purchased product data a second time. The product will work as long as you don't change your environment. When you change your OS, we can not guarantee that iFinger will work."

This is a ripoff (I said that already) because I simply changed computer, and I still had licenses and executables (so I didn't lose my data, otherwise I wouldn't even complain about such a mistake) but I couldn't install the programs on my new computer!

SO to sum it up: don't buy it, even though the product itself is good, because you will eventually lose it!

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Guest #98129978

Guest #98129978 IFinger does not support its products. Since earllier versions do not work I purchased Version 3 as an update. I Paid $67 and Version 3 did not wook with Windows Vista . IFinger "service" told me to uninstall and reinstall. It could not be reinstalled and iFinger disappeared. Now I have nothing for my $67 dollars and they do not reply to my emails.

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Mary re-install requires online validation by www.iFinger.com unavailable for previous releases of their sw. No updates.

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Mary BEWARE: iFinger gets obsolete and requires re-purchase of all licenses

I've just lost the licenses for 2 dictionaries I bought at www.iFinger.com on '06 because I've needed to reinstall them under Win2k pro; it seems any re-installation depends on www.iFinger.com willingness to run an online validation procedure which is not available for my products anymore as they've been declared 'obsolete' (?).

iFinger instructs their clients to keep backup of registry and product data but is useless because you are tied forever to ther online procedures; if you need to re-install for any reason you'll LOSE ALL LICENCES whenever iFinger decides so!!.



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